If you are lucky enough to have one of our Luxury Lodges at Staxton Vale already or are thinking of getting one this summer, then you’ll want to make it into a haven of your own. Our current residents and owners love the flexibility and freedom that a Staxton Vale lodge offers to put their own stamp on their holiday home. Here are four clever ways that you can design your luxury lodge to both maximise and personalise your space.

A splash of colour

One sure-fire way of brightening up your luxury lodge is to create a feature wall. Going for a block pastel colour will draw the eye without making your space feel cramped. Treating yourself to luxury wallpaper may never have been a possibility before, but with a more modest space to decorate, you are now free to browse high-end patterns to create class within budget.

Neat storage solutions

If you’re looking to free up space in your luxury lodge for entertaining others and for enjoying yourself, then you could opt for under-seating or over-bed storage This reduces the need to over clutter your space with furniture and leaves more room for statement design features or relaxing open-plan living.

Lightness of touch

When used correctly, mirrors and lights can make your space feel both expansive and exclusive. Don’t be tempted to splurge on huge mirrors, but instead position them opposite windows which let natural light in, to fill every corner of your home with sunbeams. And remember that white light can feel cold and clinical while warm filament bulbs create atmospheric and cosy areas.

Exotic Inspiration

If your luxury lodge is a place you escape to every once in a while for a well-earned break, all the more reason to give it a coherent design concept. Whether you take inspiration from a part of the world such as Scandinavia or Japan, or a time period like the 1920s or 60s, choosing accessories and finishes that reflect that theme will give your place true style and individuality.