When you think of holiday homes, it can be common to consider settings abroad. And yet there are so many wonderful reasons to consider a holiday home a little closer to…well…home! If you live in the U.K., a Staxton Vale lodge could be perfect for you. Just look at the reasons why;

Impromptu trips

With a home-not-too-far-from-home, you have the ideal advantage of being able to take impromptu trips. Sunny weekend ahead? Jump in the car, and head for the seaside! There is no hassle to book last minute accommodation and you can show up anytime you like. It gives you the ultimate freedom.

Family visits

A holiday home in your home country can make it easier for family visits and holidays. You can invite children/grandchildren or even close friends to enjoy some time away with you, and host them with all your home comforts. Not only that, but you could start a tradition, making it a fantastic family holiday home for generations!

Explore your heritage

If you love experiencing new things while on holiday, you will be glad to hear your own country can still open your eyes. In fact, in exploring you will learn and discover more about your heritage, with fascinating facts and wonderous sights along the way.

Money saving

No elevated hotel costs or peak-holiday travel expenses. You will save money by not having to bargain hunt for your holiday, or choose obscure times and dates to get the best deal. Travel distance won’t be too far, and you won’t need to exchange for a different currency. Plus, your knowledge of U.K. pricing will mean you don’t accidently pay over the odds for anything while you’re away.

Ready made retirement property

As we get older it can become harder to travel long distances. Which makes being close to home even more perfect. Not only that, but you could shift your holiday home to your retirement property, and settle in for many relaxing years where every day is a blissful break.

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