People have been coming to this fantastic seaside resort since the 1700s and some of the best things to do here take you back into the past while also keeping one foot rooted in the present. Reminders of Scarborough’s opulent history can be seen all around you, from magnificent architecture to pretty parks. Now, you can explore quirky markets, devour as much gelato as you can and watch some cutting-edge theatre. Down below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best things to do over the winter period in Scarborough.

Rotunda Museum

The Rotunda Museum is a beautiful circular gallery that has a stunning domed roof and is spotted with stained glass. It might be on the small side but it is packed with history. One of the main things to check out is the Speeton Plesiosaur skeleton – a marine reptile from the Early Cretaceous period. Another thing to look out for is the antler headdress which is thought to be made from the skull and antlers of a deer, probably created for ceremonial purposes.

Anne Bronte’s Grave and St Mary’s Church

This picturesque church was nearly destroyed during the English Civil War but was rebuilt during the 1600s. There’s quite a steep climb to the top but it’s worth it when you explore the interior, which is filled with beautiful stained glass. You will also be greeted with some spectacular sea views when in the churchyard and you will also come across the grave of Anne Bronte, the only sister to be buried outside of Howarth.

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is steeped in history, from conquering Romans to terrible battles and before Scarborough became a seaside resort, it played host to one of history’s most significant royal fortresses. You’ll find remains of Iron Age settlements, a medieval chapel and a Roman signal station to name but a few. To view some fascinating prehistoric artefacts, visit Master Gunner’s House.

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