Staxton Vale is situated in an enviable position. In Staxton, just outside Scarborough, within easy reach of the many east-coast beaches and beautiful countryside, its 29 luxury lodges offer a peaceful 5* experience. This experience will improve the quality of your life, opening up a whole new world. Out of the many ways your Staxton Vale journey could do this, 3 are so pertinent and important, you deserve to be let in on their secrets!

1. In the difficult times we’ve all had lately, we certainly need something to look forward to and your own private, luxury lodge home is a good start! Imagine on a dank, autumn day, or a post-Christmas, dull, morning, when you wake up and wonder how you can shake the doldrums, being able to just get in the car and drive to your very own holiday home, set amidst calm and tranquillity…..and imagine being able to look forward to this forever!

2. As we’ve seen in the news, the mental health of the nation has suffered due to the restrictions put upon us because of Covid 19. Staxton Vale is the antidote to this mental health epidemic. When you’re at your luxury lodge, you really are away from it all. Getting away from it all, without having to go very far or do very much to get there, is the key to a healthy mental state and one that is certainly possible with our holiday homes.

3. Integral to both a better quality of life and improved mental health is improved physical health. This is often difficult to achieve in our busy day to day lives, but imagine being able to access beautiful, healthy walks every weekend either in the nearby North Riding Forest Park or along the long coast of beaches that sit on Staxton Vale’s doorstep. There are also plenty of other activities available to help improve your physical health, such as mountain biking and horse riding for the more adventurous.

Improving the quality of your life is more important, and possible, now, than ever, with your own Luxury Lodge at Staxton Vale.