The Covid-19 crisis has caused huge upheaval to most people’s daily activities, with work, leisure and social lives suddenly thrown off course. But if there’s one benefit to be gained, it’s the potential brakes that have been put on people’s hectic existence, preventing them from dashing breathlessly from pillar to post in a vain attempt to balance their work and home lives. Never, for such an extended period, have UK citizens been compelled to spend so much time at home, giving couples and families a valuable opportunity to reconnect, rediscover and redefine their relationships.

This enforced slowdown could have significant benefits for the UK tourist industry once lockdown rules are eased as holidaymakers, accustomed to the more relaxed way of life, opt for a slower travel experience at home, shunning the stress of flights, foreign road systems and unfamiliar cultures. And for those keen on pursuing slow travel, there’s no better place than luxury lodges in Scarborough.

Slow travel in Scarborough

Slow travel is a mindset that redefines your entire approach to the way you holiday. Instead of working to a timetable or hectic itinerary that you feel you must religiously tick off, you aim to immerse yourself in the local environment, imbibing the culture, appreciating the countryside, savouring the cuisine and connecting with locals. Dashing from one tourist attraction to the next risks leaving you with the feeling that you only just scratched the surface of your destination, whereas slow travel gives you the opportunity to intimately know your locality, drawing you back time after time.

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing people’s perceptions of how they spend their free time, slow travel is a mindset that will be easy to slip into and, with overseas holidays looking unlikely to resume for some months, purchasing a holiday home in Scarborough is the perfect opportunity to get to know this delightful part of Yorkshire intimately, without the time pressures and demanding itinerary commonly experienced with a break abroad – and with the added bonus that you can return time and time again!

Staxton Vale Lodges: for your slow travel experience

At Staxton Vale Lodges, our holiday homes are a perfect antidote to the hubbub of modern life. Surrounded by nature in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, our lodges offer a home-from-home slow travel experience which enables you to immerse yourself in the countryside and culture of the local area – a private lockdown of your very own!